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Throughout the years, Florida has produced electricity mostly from natural gas, coal, and nuclear power plants. According to the Florida Energy Systems Consortium, a state government initiative that promotes and supports collaboration among solar energy experts from 12 universities, renewable energy accounted for only 2.3 % of all electricity generated statewide in 2014. Florida’s has a high demand for electricity all year round, it is the second market for electricity sales to residential homes in the nation, second only to Texas.

Traditionally policies and regulations in Florida regarding solar power production have not kept up with other states’ initiatives around the nation. Hurdles like a prohibition on sales of extra solar energy to third parties, and the lack of a state renewable portfolio standard along with high prices on PV system components, all-time low natural gas

Despite lobbying efforts to limit solar expansion policies, since the 2006 Florida Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Act, legislation has slowly made progress to allow the emergence of solar energy as a real option to all communities in Florida, who can now more than ever, take  advantage of an abundant natural resource in the sunshine state. The Florida Public Service Commission and the Orlando Utilities Commission have made important decisions that clearly support solar projects.

There are many pre-installation aspects that need solar professional service assistance during the design stage to make sure they respond to your structure needs, specific expectations, local building codes, and required permits. Besides savings in your electricity bill and contributing to the use of environmentally safe renewable energy, there are also benefits in return for your investment in the short mid and long term. There are federal tax incentives and net meter benefit which consists of installing a bi-directional meter in your PV System that will enable you to sell back to the utility company any additional energy that your system produces. So, if you intend to go solar and take advantage these and other benefits of solar power, Now is the time to do it, in the near future some of those incentives may not be available anymore.

This is why we seek out and are always ready to work with solar licensed companies in the Orlando area, who have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process of going solar. During the inspection and design process, there may be roof damages that need repair or perhaps a complete roof replacement due to roof conditions or the number of years since installation, according to local regulations.

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