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At Sky Light Roofing we provide the best service and bring you the best roofing materials available for your home’s roof. Roof with us™ and stay protected against the relentless weather in Central Florida.


At Sky Light roofing Our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied.


If you are looking for a roofing company near, Sky Light Roofing’s #1 mission is to become your first choice for your commercial roofing needs.


Now we provide restoration services throughout Central Florida such as water and fire damage to your home or business.

We bring the latest technology in roofing materials

There’s a line between a good shingle and a great one. It’s the nailing line. That’s where Sure Nail® technology makes all the difference in the level of protection for your roof. At Sky Light Roofing we bring you the best roofing materials because we care about the integrity of every job we take on. Roof with us™ and take advantage of this great benefit brought you by Sky Light Roofing. 

Roof Claim Insurance Explained

A roof claim insurance process typically begins when a homeowner notices roof damage, often due to weather events. The homeowner contacts their insurance company to file a claim. An adjuster is then sent by the insurance company to assess the damage and determine the claim’s validity and cost of repairs. If approved, the insurance policy details will dictate the coverage amount. The homeowner can then proceed with repairs, using an approved contractor. The insurance company pays out the claim based on the adjuster’s report and policy terms.

Sky Light Roofing Inc.

durable composite shingles
We Bring You The Best Roofing Materials Available For Your Home!

At Sky Light Roofing we are a Platinum Preferred contractor with Owens Corning which means that you’ll receive an additional 20 year labor warranty on top of our standard 5 year warranty. Reach out today for more details about this offer.

Build Your Roof With us

Dreaming of the perfect roof for your home? Right next to this form is where your journey begins. Fill it out to team up with us at Sky Light Roofing, where we turn your visions into reality. From planning to execution, we’re with you every step, ensuring your new roof is everything you’ve imagined and more. Don't just build a roof—create a masterpiece with us. Let’s get started on building your dream roof today


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