Looking Out For Storm Damage

Looking out for Storm Damage

Looking out for Storm Damage If you’ve lived in Florida for any amount of time, then you know just how severe the weather can get, especially during the summer months. The frequent rains, hail, wind, and even the occasional hurricane can take a toll on your roof. We recommend taking the time and looking out for storm damage, it could save you not only money on repairs or roof replacement, but in the long run, having a good roof can lower your energy bill as well.

Whether you have a metal, tile, or asphalt shingle roof, being able to assess any damage that may have occurred during a storm is important to the health of your home. Keep in mind how relentless the weather has been lately, the amount of rain we get weekly it’s a very significant threat to your roof. Booking a free estimate and having your roof inspected is definitely the most recommended step, but here are some tips just when looking out for storm damage.


Some Things to remember when Looking out for Storm Damage: roof repair

  • Missing or curled up shingles – High winds from thunderstorms or a hurricane can lift shingles away, leaving your home vulnerable to leaks. 
  • Bruises and dents – Hail often creates pockmarks or dents in shingles that can dislodge the granules that protect your roof against sun and rain damage. Metal roofs are also in danger of becoming dented up by hail, significantly shortening their lives.
  • Cracked or broken tiles – Though a less common occurrence, hail has the potential to damaged roof tiles, causing leaks and other damage
  • Leaks – Roof damage can allow water intrusion into your home, causing costly structural damage and drywall rot.
  • Visible damage from the ground – We have encountered water damage to the interior of a property caused by very obvious and visible damage in the roof, sometimes caused by tree branches and other objects.

Now that you know what you are looking for, you might encounter that everything in your roof seems normal and in good standing but you did notice a small bubble on the paint, nothing immediately concerning. That’s fine, just make sure the next time you are looking out for storm damage that’s one of the first areas to check.

We talk to clients all the time that had a very small leak and after one storm the problem seems to get a lot worse. This happens because the leak could be a lot older than the homeowner originally thought, and water has been damaging the wood until the amount of water becomes very noticeable after a heavy rainy afternoon.

What about if you have an emergency and water starts leaking into your living room? Well, we go out on the field and find out how creative businesses and homeowners can be. We run into very interesting repairs, sometimes installed so well they forget they had a leaky roof in the first place until the repair fails and then it becomes an issue again.

But not everyone has a handy mindset on situations like that, that’s why we have an emergency line available, Sky Light Roofing can provide you with emergency tarps and installation while your roof gets repaired. The most important part of the repair is to make sure to cover the affected area before is too late and the underlayer of your roof gets compromised.

roof with us When you go looking out for storm damage Remember:

Keep an eye for noticeable leaking or other damage to your roof after a storm, don’t hesitate to call the roof repair experts here at Sky Light Roofing. A leaky or damaged roof has the potential to create even more issues and costly damage to your home if not addressed on time, so give us a call today at 407-430-7663 for your free estimate.

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