4 Outstanding Advantages of Having a Metal Roof

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4 Outstanding Advantages of Having a Metal Roof

A metal roof could be the most valuable upgrade you need for your home and the benefits are a lot greater than you think. metal roof done by sky light roofing inc. When driving down the road, in the city, or across the coast you’ll notice that metal roofs are popping a lot more frequently. Especially in places like Central Florida, these roofs can prove ideal for the different weather conditions that we experience throughout the year. The strong winds and rain during hurricane season tend to take a toll on your roof, so then, why not think about a material that could withstand some of these extreme changes in the climate?

There are many aspects to consider when thinking about what type of material to choose for your roof, so take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind when considering metal roofs as one of your options:


  •  Durability and Longevity 

The metals that are used in these types of roofs are quite durable; they can withstand severe conditions like strong winds, heavy rains, and common debris like branches, sticks, leaves, and so on. Also thanks to its durability, it usually lasts longer than other types of roofs. With proper maintenance and without unexpected incidents, metal shingles can last up to 60 + years. The type of maintenance that is done for these can be done sporadically, the times you may need to check up on it would be few and far between. The low maintenance required on these roofs also carries economic benefits since you don’t need to spend that much money for a roofer to constantly check up on the condition of your roof or to repair a broken or dented shingle. Another thing to mention is that these roofs are quite light, so this makes for a quick and easy repair or installation.  Their durable and long-lasting qualities are what make these metal shingles a very attractive option for homeowners’ roofs. 

  • It’s Eco-Friendly

business metal roof instalationThe majority of the prime material used for these rooms are from recycled sheet metals. Some of the raw material that gets scrapped during the manufacturing stage are usually repurposed and recycled to create new metal shingles, others are made from excess materials that consumers have previously had but did not end up using.  Common metals like aluminum, zinc, and copper are used for manufacturing these types of roofs. Actually, most roofs made from aluminum are made from 95% recycled metals. In fact, copper and zinc are found in the Earth’s crust or around the environment, so this means that they naturally replenish themselves over time making this process environmentally safe and sustainable. 



  • They Add Style to your Home

When it comes to metal shingles, they offer a wide variety of styles and colors that you can’t get with other types of roofs. When compared to, for example, asphalt roofs that may come in 20 or 30 colors, metal roofs can come in hundreds of different colors and styles that you can match and combine to get that perfect home aesthetic that your vision for your home. You can even find manufacturers that create some metal roofs that look like other materials such as clay tiles, wood shakes, or slate tiles, for example. Even though the roof is made out of metal you can find several ways to make it look more discreet and avoid that metallic appearance so your house doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. And thanks to its durability, your roof’s beauty will last for many years to come. 

  • They’re Energy Efficient 

During the summer the metal roofs can help you cut down on cooling costs. This is due to the fact that the metal absorbs the heat from the Sun, causing the inside of your home to become much cooler than with other types of roofs.  This will not only save you money on your energy bill from not turning on your AC but also reduce the carbon footprint produced by your air conditioning unit by up to 20%. The average amount of carbon monoxide released by air conditioning units Is 1368 kg per year,  this is if we use the AC for 20 days throughout the entire month.

Overall, a metal roof is a great investment for your home or business to keep things fair we want to share some factors that might deter some people from getting a metal roof installed on their property, having said that it’s now time to take off our rose-colored glasses and look at some of the negative aspects that these roofs have.



  • Is more expensive

Any high-quality and durable building material for your home would usually come accompanied by a high price tag, Metal shingles are not an exemption. The price point for installing them and attaining the material can be very expensive. The mirror material can cost from $120 to $980 per square foot, when compared to Asphalt sink shingles, it is significantly more expensive. The installation process is also something that can be quite expensive, as it is required to have a specialized Roofing Service for this type of material. They require the proper tools, knowledge, and equipment for the installation process. Consider this during the initial research process of choosing a metal roof, it might be a steep investment in the beginning but in the long run, the investment is worth it for most customers who chose this type of roofing.

  •  It can dent

Even though these roofs are designed to withstand a lot of damage from external factors, on occasion it might cause a dent on them. These can be caused by branches that land on your roof after a heavy storm at a high speed. Dents on these types of roofs can lead to leaks from rain that have pooled inside the dent of the roof. Sometimes the roof can be so delicate that walking on the roof without the proper knowledge could further damage the metal. This would require calling a specialized roofer who knows how to handle, fix, and replace the damaged section on the metal roof. But remember this all depends on what type of metal you used. Some are more resistant than others, and the strong material requires very little maintenance. 

  •   It could get noise

This may be not considered a con for some, but it is still worth mentioning. During periods of intense rainfall, you will bemetal roof done by sky light roofing inc. constantly hearing the noise of the water drops hitting against the roof, which can be annoying over time for some people. 

A professional roofer will alleviate this situation by installing some insulation underneath the metal roof, which can greatly reduce the noise. Nevertheless, if you are a particularly light sleeper this is something to consider.

Ultimately, It all comes to you. Whether you wish to go off by aesthetic, environmental benefits, or future savings, a metal roof can make a great difference to your home or business. If you are ready to move forward with the process of upgrading your roof material, be sure to do some research and hire roofers with experience who specialize in the installation of metal roofs. The investment is worth it as long as the job gets done properly the first time around so you avoid expensive repairs and your roofing experience becomes a positive one. 

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