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Residential Roofing Services.

Whether you need a small roof repair, or in need of a brand new roof, we are here to assist you. We offer Free and professional estimates, fair prices and the best customer service available in Central Florida. Give us a call today, or easily book a web-appointment and Roof With Us™

At Sky Light Roofing, we know what our customers are looking for. They want quality work done fast and affordable.

We use a special technique that outperforms the black tar method commonly used in roof repair.  Our roofers are all experts in the trade and follow the latest standards in roofing installation. We ensure our roof repairs pass inspection and meet Florida Building Code standards. Your roof will look like new, and the repair will last for many years. Sky Light Roofing holds a license in Florida State (FL Lic # CCC1332541). We are centrally located in Winter Park, FL just north of Orlando, Florida. We serve all major cities in the area including Winter Garden, Celebration, Kissimmee,   and the surrounding areas.

Quality & Fair Prices.

Residential Roofing


No matter what your residential  roofing problem may be, we understand the urgency to get it fixed. Roof damage can quickly lead to additional repairs or increased energy costs. As soon as you make the decision to hire us, we schedule an appointment for service. Your project remains our top priority until the job is finished.

If you are in need of roof repair in Winter Park, FL, call Sky Light Roofing today at 407-674-0935 for a free estimate. We will assess your situation and provide a solution that fits your needs and budget. Book today and roof with us®


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Leak Repairs

A leaky roof is the product of water running down a broken, worn out, or missing shingle. We recommended homeowners inspecting their residential roofing at least once a year as a precaution, even if your roof is relatively new, it doesn’t hurt to have an expert come out to evaluate the overall health of your roof. Most leaks can be easily repaired and are very cost effective, don’t wait until you see water dripping down your favorite piece of furniture, at that point, the leak has become a bigger issue and you should call us right away so we can stop further damage to the under-layer of your roof.
Residential Roof Installation

Roof Repairs

Even if your roof is fairly new, heavy rain, hail storms or overhanging tree limbs may be to blame for roof damage regardless if you have a metal roof,shingle roof or a tile roof. Whatever the culprit for this damage is, it’s important to get the roof repaired right away when any of these damages are noticed. A compromise in the roof can lead to other damage in the home and can also lead to leaks. If you notice any dings or dents on your roof, give Sky Light Roofing a call as soon as possible so we can assess the damage for you.

Roof repairs done in time are crucial for the life of your roof. If you think your roof may need a repair, give a roofing expert at Sky Light Roofing a call today and Roof With Us!

Quality Materials

Our goal as a roofing company is to protect your home against the ever-changing weather in central Florida, we use materials that can handle very high winds, heavy rain, and extreme heat and humidity. 

in cities like Kissimmee, Winter Gardens, Deltona and others around your area the force and the amount of rain we get throughout the year put a lot of stress in your home’s roof. That’s why we use top quality roofing materials in order to extend the life of your roof and guarantee your satisfaction with our services, call us at any time at 407-430-7663  remember at Sky Light Roofing our number one goal is to become your first choice when your roof requires attention and care, rain or shine we will be there.

Our Number One Priority is Your Satisfaction!

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