Discover Why Rolled Roofing Could Be the Affordable Solution You Need

What is rolled roofing  and why do people choose it

Discover Why Rolled Roofing Could Be the Affordable Solution You Need

High-quality roofing services can certainly get complex and most times, when necessary it’s always best to reach out to your trusted roofing service provider to make sure you, your family, or your business are well protected.  

Now, there are other instances when you could opt for a more simple, more affordable solution when working with smaller structures. Perhaps even, with proper knowledge, a  do-it-yourself (DIY) project.  We are talking about “rolled roofing” and it might just be the solution for you. Potentially a temporary one, while you decide to install a more solid and durable roof surface. 

Mineral-surfaced roofing (MSR) comes in a roll and is considered a thinner, cheaper, and less roll roofing being installeddurable alternative to asphalt shingles. They are also one of the few types of roofing that when properly researched, can safely be installed by homeowners. it is very limited regarding its variety of styles. It mostly comes in black, it can also be found in tan, green, and grey. It is installed horizontally in long strips, usually on roofs that are low-sloped. If the roof pitch declines horizontally 1 inch for every 12 inches, this is also known as a 1:12 pitch, it is ideal for rolled roofing. Alternatively, the safest pitch for rolled roofing would be 2:12 (2 inches declining horizontally per 12 inches). 

It is available in rolls that cover about 100 square feet and weigh around 75 pounds each. It can be purchased in most home improvement stores. There are also other alternatives to the mineral surfaced version of rolled roofing like, rubber rolled roofing which is made of recycled materials like tires, sawdust, and slate dust. It is possible to layer that material on flat roofs. This also makes it a very eco-friendly alternative. It is also considered durable, cheap, and does not require a lot of maintenance. 

There are different types of rolled roofing you can choose from, like EPMD (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), which is also made from recycled material and it’s considered more lightweight and durable compared to the rubber version. Another advantage of the EPMD rolled roofing is that the seams have an adhesive system to help prevent any leakage.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) rolled roofing is not only durable and cost-effective, but it is also quite heat resistant due to its white color. TPO roofing is made from ethylene propylene and polypropylene. Heat-resistant roof is also very beneficial for your home since it can help you cut down on the costs of air conditioning. This is possible because the roof will be absorbing all the heat causing the home to stay cool on the inside. 

Finally, we have bitumen-rolled roofing which can come with a self-adhesive or cold-press adhesive system. Its durability is what usually makes this type of rolled Roofing stand out from the others, it usually lasts longer.

Why do some people choose rolled roofing?

One of the reasons many homeowners decide to choose rolled Roofing as an option is because of its price point. When it comes to roofing services in general, it could be an intricate and costly process rolled roofingthat can vary depending on several factors. Things such as the type and quality of the material to be used in the project, the scope of the job, whether it’s a repair or complete roof replacement, if the material chosen happens to require a specialized installation process then you also need to hire a  contractor who specializes with that particular type of material, and so these and other factors change the final price of carrying out your roofing project. So, honestly, we could all agree that the cost will always be one of the important factors when deciding how to go about our roofing needs. 

With rolled Roofing, you can easily save up on most of the expenses since this is something you could easily install yourself and the material is more affordable as well. Unlike shingles that are required to be installed one by one, you can easily roll out some of the MSR, cut it into the desired length, and install it by simply nailing it into the roof. Now take note and keep in mind that most of the roofs that use rolled roofing are intended for smaller structures, for things like barns, outdoor gyms,  gazebos, sheds, garages, workshops, or even kids’ treehouses.  

Another added benefit of rolled Roofing is its fast installation and application, which can be done in a matter of minutes. So there is no need to wait weeks or even months for someone else to finish your roof, with this material you can do it yourself and get it done quickly. Of course, before applying this material to your roof you must make sure that the area is free of debris, gravel, or any leftover residue from the previous roof. Also since this material is easily accessible and any Home Improvement warehouse, it is also very easy to transport. By being rolled up in cylinders so you can easily organize them in the back or trunk of your car and easily bring them to your home or palace of work. Rolled roofing is also perfect for temporarily covering a roof since it will only last around a couple of years, a bit longer at most. So again, these are perfect for structures that are used mostly for storing objects or as a placeholder while you get a better roofing material or hire a contractor for a more permanent and durable solution.

 So, rolled roofing is more affordable but it does have its disadvantages. Its main drawback is the lack of durability of rolled roofing material. Since it is quite affordable, it is also usually very thin, it’s easily prone to tearing, and cannot withstand most debris it may encounter. With shingles, the weight is evenly distributed and each shingle can contract or expand while with rolled roofing it is one giant shingle that is stretched out that can tear very easily. Rolled roofing can also come across as a bit unappealing as it comes in very limited color options, and at times, it may not even be allowed by homeowner association communities, mainly to avoid a decline in home resale value for it could drop drastically if home is roofed with this type of material. 

sky light roofing inc. LogoIn the end, it is mostly up to you whether you decide to go with this type of roofing for any structure in your home, be sure to think about all the different factors that will lead you to make a decision and consider them greatly. Using rolled roofing comes with some advantages as we mentioned before like its easy installation, the price point, the wide variety of different kinds you can choose from, etc. Sure, style-wise it is quite limited but it is something that can be managed. So for certain things and given the risks in particular circumstances rolled roofing can be the best option for your roof while also taking into consideration what is best for your wallet.

As you consider the advantages and drawbacks of rolled roofing for your project, keep in mind that Skylight Roofing is here to provide the best roofing services in Central Florida. Our team of experienced professionals is eager to help you navigate the process of selecting the most appropriate roofing solution for your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for expert guidance and top-quality services that will ensure the safety, longevity, and aesthetics of your roof. By working together, we can turn your vision into reality while offering peace of mind and exceptional results. Get in touch with Skylight Roofing today, Roof With Us, and discover the benefits of partnering with the best in the industry!

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