Get Ahead Of Hurricane Season

Get Ahead Of Hurricane Season And Stay Safe During An Emergency Situation.

It’s no secret that the weather seems to be growing more severe every year, and here in Central Florida, we are no strangers when it comes down to heavy rain, severe storms, and hurricanes. The amount of rain or hail we can get on any given day can be very damaging to your property. We have experienced firsthand the effects the weather can have on a home’s roof, and even more significant on a large commercial roof.

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Hurricane season in Orlando

Everyone has enough on their plates already with the current pandemic situation, and we could easily overlook getting ready for the storm season. With this in mind, we’ve decided to share a few helpful tips to make you more prepared for this storm season.

The very first step everyone should take is to make a plan.

Meeting with your family and coordinating key factors like how to communicate with each other if you find yourself separated is very important. Establish beforehand alternative or escape routes to evacuate the city safely. Consider essential needs in your household when you’re making this plan so that you and your family will be ready to go in case of an emergency the next hurricane season.

Staying at home seems to be something we are doing more often than ever before. Writing this article we can’t ignore the current events and extraordinary times we are having to deal with. A global pandemic on top of the potential threat a hurricane brings can be a little stressful and understandably so. Nonetheless, Floridians have a very strong backbone and we know how to quickly adapt to those potential threats.

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The next step to get ahead of Hurricane season is to build your provisions list.

Consciously make an effort to add to your pile. This will keep you out of trouble in case of a big hurricane or storm. We came up with a few essentials you should definitely keep in mind the next time you visit your local grocery store or pharmacy.

  • Potable water

Without a doubt, this is the most important item to keep around during hurricane season. Even though it is recommended to keep one gallon every three days per person, we understand that it is not easy if you live in a small place or have a large family. Nonetheless, next time you visit the grocery store, pick up a good deal on bottled water. Leaving the water in your car could be an alternative, but keeping clean water during an urgent situation is essential.

  • Food

Keeping non-perishable food around during storm season is extremely important and the same principle applies: going to the grocery store and picking up a few canned food items and other things like peanut butter, jelly, tea bags, and coffee. Planning ahead of time could help you stay safe and sheltered if a major hurricane occurs.

  • Local map

Remember maps? Not the ones you can pull from an app, but actual paper grids of the city. Even though technology helps us every day and makes our lives easier, having a map handy throughout hurricane season could be very useful, especially after running out of battery on your electronic devices. Without power, having to evacuate the city could be a challenge. If you don’t already have a map of your city we highly recommend buying one online and keeping it in a place you’ll remember during an emergency.

  • Prescription medicine

Running out of medicine during a crisis could be life-threatening for some people, maybe even your family. During hurricane season, talk to your doctor about getting refills and avoid a situation where you might run out of essential medications. Also, look around your home for over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers, antacids or laxatives, allergy medicine, and infant essentials.

  • Non-electrical/Manual can opener

That’s right, in the thick of things, and especially during hurricane season we tend to forget about the most essential items, and it doesn’t get any more simple than an old school can opener. However, make sure to review the user manual if you have young people living with you, a recent Inc magazine article revealed Gen z and can openers don’t really like each other.


One last thing to keep in mind is specific household needs. sky light roofing truck

For instance, if you own a pet or service animal, or if someone has a specific dietary need. Perhaps someone speaks a different language, or they have a disability and require special access to medical devices or medicines. For this part of the plan, your personal twist is the key to success. Follow some of these simple and basic ideas, and you’ll be more prepared in case of a predicament caused by the weather.

Follow some of these helpful tips and create your own hurricane emergency plan, make sure you and your family will stand ready when the time comes. Make sure your first line of defense is ready to keep you protected during a storm, book a free and professional roofing inspection of your Commercial or Residential roof today.

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