An Overview to Commercial Roofing (2021)

If you need a new roof for your business, you have a lot of options at your disposal, but you need to consider them carefully. A new roof is a significant investment, and it can also be a major problem if you make the wrong choice. In this guide, you’ll learn about some of the […]

5 Common Types of Roofs and Shingles

Are you looking for an attractive roof for a remodel or new construction? A world of options is available to you. You can choose from roofs that look stylish, create more top-floor space, or offer other impressive benefits. First, you’ll learn about five common types of roof and what sets each one apart. Then, you’ll […]

Commercial Roofing Done Right

Commercial Roofing done right

Commercial Roofing Done Right Commercial roofing must be done correctly the first time around. It is for that reason that many businesses are hesitant when it comes down to hiring a commercial roofing contractor. Understandably so, a commercial roof repair or replacement can be very costly and it can create a disruption of the daily […]

3 Ways The Florida Weather is Damaging your Roof

Florida weather is damaging your roof

3 Ways The Florida Weather is Damaging your Roof. Florida has some of the most extreme weather conditions anywhere in the country. Sweltering summer heat, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and hail all take a toll on your residential or commercial roof. Summertime is especially brutal in Florida as we often see all of these weather conditions in […]

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

#1 Choice For Roof Replacement In Orlando. Here at Sky Light Roofing, we specialize in affordable and timely roof replacements for residents in Orlando and most of the cities in Central Fl. Our clients are always impressed with our accurate cost and time estimates because we’re dedicated to staying on schedule and on budget for […]

Looking Out For Storm Damage

roof inspections

Looking out for Storm Damage  If you’ve lived in Florida for any amount of time, then you know just how severe the weather can get, especially during the summer months. The frequent rains, hail, wind, and even the occasional hurricane can take a toll on your roof. We recommend taking the time and looking out […]

Get Ahead Of Hurricane Season

Get Ahead Of Hurricane Season And Stay Safe During An Emergency Situation. It’s no secret that the weather seems to be growing more severe every year, and here in Central Florida, we are no strangers when it comes down to heavy rain, severe storms, and hurricanes. The amount of rain or hail we can get […]

4 Steps To Find a Good Roofer in Orlando Fl.

roofing emergency repairs

4 Steps To Find a Good Roofer in Orlando Fl. If you need work done to your roof, it is important to hire a professional, responsible, and most of all a reliable roofing contractor. But unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to know how to carefully select a trustworthy contractor that will benefit both you […]